Subscribing to RSS feed

On this website you can keep up to date on what's happening by using an automated news feed. This often is called an 'RSS' feed.

You can subscribe to an RSS feed to get all the latest information in one place, as soon as it's published.

This feed will be available from our desktop website and on mobiles or other devices.

How to subscribe

It is easy to use RSS feeds. First, you need an RSS reader or viewer. There are many free software programs and online services. Then, you copy and paste the URL of the news feed into the viewer's "subscribe" dialogue.

Internet Explorer

If you are using Internet Explorer:

Chrome or other web-browsers

You may need to download a news reader extension. For example: Chrome RSS Feed Reader or a similar product.

  • Go to "Add to Chrome" and then "Add extension"
  • Then follow the extensions instructions to add a news feed

Last updated 13 December 2022